3 Steps to Getting Your Boyfriend Back

Did you just go through a bad separation? Do you feel like he is the " one that got away"? Keep hope alive. The relationship may not be over permanently, but you are going to have to do a bit of work to improve the situation. However , if you really love someone, putting in the time and hard work …

5 Responses to “3 Steps to Getting Your Boyfriend Back”

  • Marshal:

    How do a Get a girlfriend, i’m 16 and i just want one(Don’t Tell me i don’t need one…)
    Please Leave a STEP by STEP on How to get a Girlfriend.

  • Erin:

    Ok so I tried to download the sims 3 to my computer and I get this thing that says cyclic redundancy check and I was wondering how do I go about doing this. I just makes me so mad, I want to play it rally badly. It worked on my boyfriends laptop but won’t work on the desk top and I want it to work on both. So please tell me how do I go about downloading the sims 3 on my windows xp?

  • Jeff:

    can u list the steps for getting ur 1st kiss???? because i havent had mine yet and i have a gf. her are some details:
    we only c each other in school.
    were 13.
    both of us havent had ours yet.
    she cant date

  • turg143:

    well i am 16 (just turned) and i am gay!
    but i am not out of the closet!
    so anyway i really want to get a boyfriend! (just to see what it is like!) but obviously, i cant if i havnt even told anyone!
    so y questions are,
    1. how did you get your first boyfriend?
    2. how old were you?
    3. when did you come out of the closet?
    4. how do you find a boyfriend?
    i do kinda want to but my dad is a bit of a homophobe(like he would say,
    ”hahaha look at that queer!”)
    and so are a lot of people at school!

  • baldy eire:

    a lot of people ask me it whrn do you get a boyfriends when your 11 or when your 16 i dunno i really want to find out my 11 year old friends all have borfriends but i think it is too young to have one soo when do you get a boyfriends?

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