Showing Insecurity After the Break Up Can Spoil Any Hope of Getting Her Back again

Insecurity is something which we all have to deal with, it’ s something which just about every guy feels at some point on time and it can be pretty evident right after breaking up with a woman. You kind of can’ t help but to feel insecure after a relationship comes to an end. It’ s just the normal result of having the endure a heart break and to expect that you won’ t feel any insecurity at all relating to that break up is kind of naive to say the least.

However , one does have to be able to control your insecurity a little bit because you don’ t wish to end up having it come via at the worst time and if it will and your ex girlfriend sees that, it can make it really hard to have any expectations at all of being able to win the girl back. Some guys don’ to realize exactly when they are revealing that insecurity and that can be a big problem because if you don’ to know that you are showing it away, you really can’ t be to blame for if and when it works against you, correct.

Here are some instances where your insecurity is going to show through to your ex girlfriend:

1 . Getting jealous around her is definitely one of the most common ways to show your ex girlfriend that you are feeling insecure after the break up.

Envy is something that can eat aside at a relationship and when it appears following a relationship has already come to an end, it can make it next to impossible to have any practical chance of being able to win her back again. Of course , a little bit of jealousy is not really that bad, it is kind of natural. Nevertheless , once you cross that line from showing just a little bit to displaying a lot, that is when things change so you end up making your ex girlfriend imagine you are not really man enough to be in a relationship with her.

2 . Trying too often to get in touch with your ex girlfriend is another way that you can come across as being insecure to her.

Really, after a relationship concludes, you shouldn’ t be looking to get in touch with her all that often in any case. However , when it comes across as being an excessive amount of to your ex girlfriend, you’ ll find that she suddenly doesn’ t appear to be she really wants to hear from you and when that goes on for too long, that’ s going to be bad factor. You will find that getting her back when she feels like you are trying too hard to obtain in touch with her is going to be really difficult.

3. Blaming her for the entire cause of the break up is another way to come across as insecure.

You have to be protected in yourself to assume some of the obligation for a relationship coming to an end, so if you can’ t do that, then of course that is going to make you seem pretty insecure within the eyes of your ex girlfriend. Again, you may not see it that way, but you are almost guaranteed that your ex girlfriend is going to see it as you showing that you are insecure which is something that you just don’ t wish to accomplish if you don’ t have to. And you really don’ t. Let the girl see you take some of the blame for that break up and you might find that it really comes across as being a positive thing but not as a negative.

5 Responses to “Showing Insecurity After the Break Up Can Spoil Any Hope of Getting Her Back again”

  • nick s:

    i split up with my ex-girlfriend before winter break and she or he really was upset. I recognized the amount of an error i made 2 days later and extremely wanted her back. She thought i had been doing offers together with her and she or he connected and among my buddies which had us not speaking four four several weeks. Lately we’ve been speaking over the telephone and we’re to being buddies and we’re total the sh*t that happened between us.

    I requested her in the future over watching a film inside my house yesterday bc i like her a great deal still and she or he was hugging beside me nearly the same as old occasions. I kissed her and she or he stated she was afraid to hug me bc she felt like she’d get reattached and obtain hurt again. Next time we hung out alone at her house i raised this returns lots of reminiscences, and she or he switched around and kissed me. Despite the fact that it appears like we’re to striking them back, she still appears quite different. Like she informs me she’s an excessive amount of hw to spend time one evening but for whatever reason i seem like she just does not wish to spend time beside me. Maybe I’m considering it an excessive amount of but i like her and wish to return together with her. Must I allow it to engage in and never speak with her a lot or must i call and text her everyday letting her know im interested? assist me ladies

    - i understand its lengthy my bad

  • Joe M:

    So ayear ago i split up with my ex-girlfriend my me and my ex-girlfriend are close friends now and we’ve been for some time now

    after which this is where my pal now is available in and so i spend time with my ex-girlfriend still but where just buddies anything nothing less now my female friends closest friend informs me it can make her mad and makes her feel sad after i hold off my ex

    however i spend time with my girlfriend know a lot more and that i worry about my girlfriend more then not she will get sad about me hangin with my ex what must i do about this

    but because im saying i worry about my ex just like a brother anything

  • sarah w:

    So last evening I’d an aspiration which i saw my ex-girlfriend of 6 several weeks in a restaurant. (Just like a Denny’s or Red-colored Lobster) I attempted to defend my kid brother and direct him passed her however i gave in and began speaking to her. She appeared to never pay me manual intervention. Almost annoyed and she or he looked not the same as things i appreciated, almost older along with a tad bit ugly. (As an anorexic chain smoker of 4 decades look.) It kinda fuzzy however i think I informed her that im sorry which I still loved her and her new Boyfriend who for whatever reason was Asian made an appearance. He did not say anything just was quiet behind her left shoulder. She then started to inform me after i have the emotional discomfort, after i cant go any more after i get so low to the stage of me attempting to kill myself, i quickly knows or understand. O.o I awoke today and that i was almost late to class. Any help?

    I didn’t remember to state I did not know her new BF and that i felt like he wished to fight me. Hope this can help I suppose.

  • Jairo:

    me and my ex girlfriend have been broken for a long time now and we’ve been always in touch. she has a boyfriend and that’s the reason it’ll be wrong for me to like her but i don’t know if she is playing games with me. when we sit next to each other she puts her head on my shoulder and grabs my arm and we end up holding hands and she Does not pull back, and when that happens its when my feeling toward her comes back. she tells her friends like if she complaining about me but i know she likes it. and she really like her boyfriend. is there anything i can do about it?
    you guys have good responses

  • _marky_mark_:

    My boyfriends ex girlfriend is practically best friends with his older sister,
    and very close with his mum and they talk all the time.
    I’ve had massive issues with his ex as she has been very schemey in attempts to get him back.
    I find it awkward to bond with his family now.
    Ive been with him for 9 months now
    Any advice???
    5 minutes ago – 4 days left to answer.

    I really want to bond better with his family but i don’t know how to go about it. They are closer with his ex.

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